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"I feel like I have improved so much! I am much more stable in my belting as well as my head voice and that is because of voice lessons!"


"Emily is the most educated, supportive, engaging and knowledgeable voice teacher out there. She has worked with my daughter for over four years and, because of Emily, she has grown exponentially in her vocal range and confidence. We have recommended Emily to several friends and will continue to do so. She is a phenomenal teacher and equally a phenomenal person. I cannot say enough great things about our experience with her! We’re a forever student family of Emily Witte Voice Studio!"


“I’ve grown in an understanding of how to use my voice and the functionality not only of my vocal chords, but my entire body while singing! Being a dancer first, making singing physical and incorporating my full body has opened up an entirely new understanding of how singing can be and should be done! My goal for this year is to keep trying to “find” my voice. I started a bit later, in my eyes, focusing on singing, and in turn, I struggle to find confidence. I’d like to use and continue my growing knowledge of vocal health and functionality to help boost my confidence while singing.”


“I’ve grown so much from my voice lessons. My skills and my confidence especially has gone up significantly. I have learned so much about my own voice and I have been able to tackle so many challenges that I probably couldn’t three or four years ago. It’s feels great to be able to see myself grow as a singer and performer!”


“I’ve definitely grown during voice lessons both in technique and in confidence."


"My daughter, Chloe, has been a voice student of Emily’s for 4 years.  During this time, Chloe has learned and improved so much.  She had a really good voice when she started, but a big lack of confidence. Emily not only has been a great voice teacher, but has also given Chloe incredible confidence.  She is a wonderful mentor for my daughter and I can highly recommend her."


“I feel like I’ve grown from voice lessons mainly in confidence. I’ve gotten to learn my voice better so that I can utilize different techniques to improve. Specifically learning different warm ups really helped me more understand how to care for my voice. They showed me what I can do, and how to keep training to be the best I can. I’ve also gotten to work on music theory and feel more prepared to take it on in the future."


“I feel that lessons have not only grown my talent and strengthened my technique, but drastically increased my confidence in doing so. with each lesson, my passion for both music and theatre grows immensely and I’m able to connect to a different part of myself that I feel wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for music/voice training. I hope to continue to grow as much as i have over the past year and build my skills as much as possible to prepare me for college in the fall.”


“ I have grown so so much through my singing voice and only have begun to find my voice and explore my range. I’ve learned so much more about the technical side of sing with Mrs. Emily (the best coach everrrr)!” -Sabrina

“Taking voice lessons has definitely expanded my vocal range. I also have a greater understanding of my voice’s possibilities and challenges and I know, more and more, how to take care of my voice so I can have good vocal health.” 


"Lessons have helped me build my confidence and strengthen my technique but I never fail to feel comfortable enough to try new things while singing and then…inevitably mess up and try again!”


"My daughter did voice with Emily Witte for 4 years! Emily listened to my concerns in the beginning and offered her a safe place to learn and develop her voice.  She was always so sweet and encouraging.  She made a significant improvement in my daughters confidence.  She is an amazing teacher!! Voice lessons quickly became the highlight of my daughters week. My only regret, is that we didn't meet Emily sooner."


She is amazing! As an adult theatre performer being new to voice lessons, she helped me to find my voice. With vocal exercises, practice, and her help in finding songs that would fit me I learned so much and started growing confidence in what potential my voice has. She helped me to realize I’m never too old to learn something new. She is not only a wonderful teacher, but a very talented actress and performer. I can’t say enough how great a teacher and person she is."


“I’ve become more confident in my abilities from voice lessons.”


“With lessons I have definitely grown in the aspect of becoming more confident in my voice. I have finally been able to learn how to belt and how to do it healthy which not a lot of people can do and that really has been my biggest accomplishment in lessons.”-Shane

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