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Half hour lesson

Great for beginner singers and students under the age of 12!


45-minute lesson

Perfect for busy people and serious students who are middle school aged.


Hour lesson

Recommended time for mature, curious, and dedicated singers.


Online Lessons

For remote/long-distance students & students with unreliable transportation.


Vocal Technique

Learn about alignment, breathing, resonance, registrations, what warm-ups & cool downs are best for your voice, vocal coordination, legit, mixing, and belting.

Musical Theatre College Audition Prep

Prepare for taking the next stop in your training by having guidance planning/working your repertoire and selecting the musical theatre programs that would fit you best.

Voice Science

Have a better understanding of the way your voice works by understanding vocal anatomy and optimizing the functionality of your instrument.

Music Theory

Hold your own in the rehearsal room and in callbacks by learning how to read sheet music and communicate with other musicians .

Feel fully confident when walking into the audition room with a clean audition cut and be fully prepared for anything the creative team might ask of you.

Audition Prep
Ear Training

Build your musical ear with training in order to improve your singing, confidence, and ability to sing with any instrumentation and in harmony with others. 

Learn how to dissect lyrics and communicate through story and connect with the audience.

Musical Storytelling 
& Acting a Song
Sight Singing

Hold your own in rehearsals, auditions, and callbacks by improving your ability to read and sing new music through application of music theory and ear training

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